Books and Misc.

Complete Curiculum
2nd or 3rd Grade
My Father’s World, Adventure’s in My Father’s World (includes American History, Bible, and Science)
Sonlight 4 Teachers Manual


Homeschooling Helps
What Your 1st Grader needs to know
What Your 3rd Grader needs to know
What Your 4th Grader needs to know
What Your 5th Grader needs to know
What your 6th Grader needs to know
The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling 2005
Senior High: A Home designed Form+U+La
The Complete Home Learning Sourcebook
A Mother’s Manual for Schoolday Survival
Homeschool Guide to the Online World
Homeschooling Children with Special Needs
Teaching Children
Books Children Love
How To Tutor
You Can Teach your Child Successfully
The Homeschooling Father
Homeschool Your Child for Free
Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual: Junior /Senior High
The Ultimate Guide To Homeschool  2000
Things We Wish We’d Known
Encouragement Along the Way
Family Night Tool Chest Book 1
Charlote Mason Companion
The Everything Homeschooling Book
Dr. Dobson: Turning Hearts Toward Home
Homeschoooling Methods
Homeschooling: The Middle Years
Reaching the Heart of your child Sessions 1-3 Audio CD
A Strong Start in Language (2)
An Easy Start in Arithmetic (2)
A Home Start in Reading (2)
Going Public
Entertaining and Educating Your Preschool Child
College Helps
Ready For College
I’m Outta Here!
Homeschoolers College Admissions Handbook
Help! I Have To Give a Speech, Take A Test, Write A Paper, Study, Write A Book Report! (5 volumes)
Study Skills
The Memory Book – Harry Lorayne &Jerry Lucas
Information Please! Intermediate Level 1



Library Readers, Ficiton/Non-fiction
A boy at War, A novel of Pearl Harbor – Harry Mazer
A Diller A Dollar, rhymes and sayings – Lillian Morrison
A gathering of Days, A New England Girl’s Journal 1830-32 – Blos
A Lion to Guard Us  – Clyde Robert Bulla
Abel’s Island – William Steig
Across Five Aprils – Irene Hunt
Adam and His Kin – Beechick
Adventure to the Pioneer Prarie! – Carol Marsh
After the Dancing Days – Rostkowski
Alex, Who won his War – Chester Aaron
Annie Lee and the Wooden Skates – Margaret Friskey
At the Boston Tea Party – Robert N. Webb
Bears on Hemlock Mountain – Alice Dalgliesh
Behind the Story – Hugh Steven
Caddie Woodlawn – Carol Ryrie Brink
Carry On Mr. Bowditch – Jean Lee Latham
Cheaper by the Dozen – Frank B Gilbreth
Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
Chronicles of Narnia – The Horse and His Boy Audio CD Set
Chronicles of Narnia  -The Last Battle Audio CD Set
Chronicles of Narnia – The Magician’s Nephew Audio CD Set
Chronicles of Narnia – The Silver Chair Audio CD Set
Chronicles of Narnia – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader CD Set
Code Talker
Danger after Dark, Creative girls club mystery – Ellie McDonald
David and the Giant – Step into reading
Erica for President- Carol H. Behrman
Frog Friends – Ben M. Baglio
Great Turkey Walk – Kathleen Karr
Great Wheel
Greenbook (SCI-FI)- Jill Paton Walsh
Hatchet –Gary Paulsen
Henry Huggins    by Beverly Cleary
Heros Don’t Run – A novel of the pacific war – Harry Mazer
Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears – Suzy Kline
Hundred Dresses – Eleanor Estes
I Have Lived a Thousand Years, growing up in the Holocost – Livia Bitton-Jackson
Imprisioned in the Golden City, Adoniram and Ann Judson – Dave &Neta Jackson
In His Steps – Charles Sheldon
Journeyman – Elizabeth Yates
King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table
King of the Wind, The story of the Godophin Arabian – Marguerite Henry
Legend of Sleepy Hollow – Washington Irving
Little Britches – Moody
Little Women – Great Illustrated Classic- Louisa May Alcott
Manic Magee – Jerry Spinelli
Marie Antoinette: Princess of Versailles
Martin Luther, Giant of Faith
Mary Ann and Miss Mozart
Mayflower Secret – Dave and Neta Jackson
Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Mr. Popper’s Penquins
My Friend Flicka – Mary O’Hara
My Secert War, The WWII diary of Madeline Beck –
Mystery at Jamestown #17– Carole Marsh
Not Exactly Normal – Devin Brown
Om-kas-toe, Blackfeet Twin Captures an elkdog – Kenneth Thomasma
Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great – Judy Blume
Paula the Waldensian – Eva Lecomte
Pedro’s Journal, a voyage with Christopher Columbus – Pam Conrad
Phoebe The Spy  (revolutionary War)- Judith Berry Griffin
Plain Girl  – Virginia Sorensen
Questions of Yams , a missionary story based on true events – Gloria Repp
Ramona The Brave – Beverly Clearly
Rascal   by Sterling North
Raven – Gerald McDermott
Robinson Crusoe Reader – Julia Darrow Cowles
Rogers’ Rangers and the French and Indian War – Bradford Smith
Scarlet Letter     by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Sea Star – Orphan of Chincoteague – Marguerite Henry
Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snickett
1.   The Bad Beginning 1.   The Bad Beginning
2.   The Reptile Room 2.   The Reptile Room
3.   The Wide Window 3.   The Wide Window
4.   The Miserable Mill 4.   The Miserable Mill
5.   The Austere Academy 5.   The Austere Academy
6.   The Ersatz Elevator 6.   The Ersatz Elevator
7.   The Vile Village 7.   The Vile Village
8.   The Hostile Hospital 8.   The Hostile Hospital
9.   The Carnivorous Carnival 9.   The Carnivorous Carnival
10.       The Slippery Slope 10.       The Slippery Slope
11.       The Grim Grotto 11.       The Grim Grotto
12.       The Penultimate Peril 12.       The Penultimate Peril
13.       The End 13.       The End
Seventeenth Swap – Eloise McGraw
Silas Marner   by Georgr Elliot
Sign of the Beaver – Elizabeth George Speare
Snow Spider, Jenny Nimmo
Stones in Water – Donna Jo Napoli
Story of the Write Brothers and Their Sister
Stranger in Williamsburg – Wanda Luttrell
Swiss Family Robinson Retold for Young readers
Tale of the Western Plains – G.A. Henty
Tales of Robin Hood -Usborne
The Dark is Rising – Susan Cooper
Theobold The Iron Hearted – E. Thompson Baird
Trapped by the Mountain Storm – Aileen Fisher
Who will help?  Mary Manz Simon
Winter Fun – Rita Schlachter
Witch of Blackbird Pond – Elizabeth George Speare
George Washington
A Worthy Company- brief lives of the framers of the US constitution – Bradford
Adoniram Judson; Gods’ Man in Burma – Sharon Hambrick
Amelia Earhart – Tanya Lee Stone (Biography)
America’s Paul Revere – Esther Forbes
China Cry – Nora Lam Biography
Fanny J Crosby, An Autobiography – Baker
Jed Smith: Trailblazer of the West
Jim Elliot: Missionary to Ecuador
Joan of Arc – Twain
Johnny Appleseed – Patricia Demuth
Medals for Morse, Artist and Inventor – Jean Lee Latham
Meet Thomas Jefferson – Marvin Barrett
Men of Science/Men of God – Morris
Naya Nuki -Thomasma
Pocahontas and the Strangers – Clyde Robert Bulla
Real book about Abraham Lincoln – Michael Gorham
Robert E Lee and the Road of Honor – Carter
Robert Fulton and the Steamboat – Hill
Sir Frances Drake – John Foster
The Life of General Stonewall Jackson – Williamson
The Life of J.E.B. Stuart – Mary L. Williamson
The Life of Kit Carson – Ellis
The Life of Washington – Pollard
The Story of Thomas Jefferson – Earl Schenck Miers
The Wright Brothers – Ludwig
Thomas Alva Edison – Margaret Cousins
For the Birds: Life of Roger Tory Peterson
Will Rogers – Guernsey Van Riber, Jr.
101 Best Magic Tricks – Guy Frederick
All About Wool
Animal Heros – Byron G. Wells
Brain Quest 2nd Grade DECK ONE
Brain Quest 2nd Grade DECK TWO
Champions of Science – Tiner
Custer’s Last Stand – Quentin Reynolds
Great Adventurers of the 20th Century
I Spy CD-ROM Brain Building Games ages 5-9
Paper Mache – Betty Rumpf
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt – Elizabeth Payne
Rainy Day Book, activites for rainy days – Jane Bull
Reader Rabbit CD Rom 2nd Grade
Sinking of the Titanic – Eyewitness Accounts – Mowbray
Sunny Day Book, activities for inside and out – Jane Bull
The Cotton in your tee-shirt
Whatever the Weather – Karen Wallace
Early reading/ Children
A Chair for my Mother – Vera B. Williams
A Christmas Carol play adapted by Lynee Goldsmith
A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens (Easy ill. Reader)
A Mare for Young Wolf – Janice Shefelman
Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
All Around the Farm – Yuriko Nichols
And I Mean It, Stanley – Crosby Bonsall
Anna’s Garden Songs- Mary Q. Steele
Baby – Amy Goldmas Koss
Baby Moses – Linda Hayward
Bible Heroes
Big Fish – Kevin Boon
Black Stallion – Walter Farley
Boris Beaver – Marcus Pfister
Christmas Carols Treasury
Collections For Young Scholars V1 Book 2
Collections for Young Scholars V2 Book 1
Dog Dreams – Helen Byers
Eva Uses Her Head – Robert R. Obrien
Everybody Club – Anne O’Brien
Flames in the Forest – Ruskin Bond
Forest Fables – Yuriko Nichols
Garden Party – Margaret Mahy
God Made Puppies
Greyfriars Bobby
Grow Up, Sally Sue – A play by George Ciantar
How the Rabbit Caught the Tiger -A Korean Folk Tale – Anne O’Brien
I Hate English! –Ellen Levine
In the Dark, A play by George Ciantar
In The Pond – Linda Cave
In, Out and About Catfish Pond  by Graeber
Little Rabbits Loose Tooth – Lucy Bate
Little Women Book – Lucille Recht Penner
Lost In Dinosaur World – Geoffrey T. Williams
Market – Marilyn Jager Adams
Missing Tooth – Joanna Cole
Mitten – Jan Brett
Mom’s Birthday -Emergent Reader
Moving Molly – Shirley Hughes
Mr. Lee – Jennifer Jacobsen
Mrs. Barnett’s Birthday – Emergent Reader
Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur – RW Alley
Nessie The Lochness Monster
New Boy – Kevin Boon
Oliver Twist abriged – Charles Dickens
Paul Bunyan – Brian Gleeson
Pigs – Robert Munch
Princess Julia – Patricia Griffith
Raggedy Ann – Johnny Gruelle
Robbery at the Diamond Dog Diner – Eileen Christelow
Roxaboxen – Alice McLerran
Snails Spell – Joanne Ryder
Snow Game – Patricia Griffith
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Disney
Spider Club – Alice Cary
Stir About, Rhymes from then and now – Nancy Chambers
Superhero to the Rescue – Anne Obrien
Tosca’s Christmas – Anne Mortimer
Ugliest Dog in the World – James Holding Jr.
Ugly Ducking and other Stories – Margaret Carter
Underwater Friends – Lieba Gouin
Up Down, And Around the Rain Tree -Charlotte Graeber
What Kind of Baby-sitter is this? Dolores Johnson
What really happened to the dinosaurs – John Morris
Whiskers – Catherine Daly
Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum
Wrongway Applebaum – Marjorie Lewis
Zach’s Tall Tale – Shelagh Canning
Zoom at Sea – Tim Wynne-Jones
 What is a Dinosaur?
A is for Abigail: Almanac of amazing Women
Animals of the Polar Region
Butterfly Magic –
Dinosaurs of Eden   By Ken Ham
Fall Is Here! I Love It! – Elaine W. Good
Famous People – Yuriko Nichols
God Made Our Bodies – Heno Head Jr.
Grow, Garden, Grow!
How And Why Animals Grow new Parts – Elaine Pascoe
How and Why Seeds Travel – Elaine Pascoe
I’m A Caterpillar – Jean Marzollo
Life Cycles: Bean – David M Schwartz
Life In the Deserts – Lucy Baker
Life in the Mountains – Catherine Bradley
Life in the Oceans – Lucy Baker
Noah’s Ark with Audio CD
Picture History of Great Inventors
Raptor Pack – Dr. Robert T. Bakker
Reese’s Pieces Count by Five – Jerry Pallotta
Soar! All About Pterosaurs
Stars Near and Far
Things People Do
What are Seasons?
What is a butterfly?
What is a Cloud?
What is a Desert?
What is a Jungle?
What is a Mountain?
What is a Rainbow?
What is a River?
What is a Space Shuttle?
What is a Star?
What is a Volcano?
What is a Wave?
What is an Iceberg?
What is an Ocean?
What is Electricity?
What is Gravity?
What is the Moon?
What Makes Day and Night?
What Makes Day and Night?
Why Do Animals Sleep Through Winter?
Why Do Birds Fly South?
Why Do Birds Sing?
Why Do Leaves Change Color?
Why Does It Float?
Why Does it Fly?
Why Does it Rain?
Why does it Snow?
Why Does it Thunder and Lightening?
Why Does it Thunder and Lightening?
Why is it cold?
Why is it Hot?
Why is the Grass Green?
Why is the Sky Blue?
School Readers
1.7 Kind and Brave
2.1 All Kinds of Animal
2.4 Open Roads
2.6 Pilgram Boy
2-9  Growing Up Where Jesus Lived
3a Paths to Adventure
3d Crossroads
3g Secret in the Maple Tree
4.0 Matilda Song of the Brook – Matilda Nordtvedt
4.0 Pilgram Tree
4.4 to Trails to Explore
4-1 Salute to Courage
45 NoahWebster
5 Adventures in Nature
5 Rosa
5-1 Beyond the Horizon
5-2 Windows to the World
5-3 Of America 1
5-6 Billy Sunday
5-6 the Message of the Mountain
A New Day – Silver Burdett and Ginn
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 2
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 3
Christian Liberty Nature Reader 4
Down the River Road – The Alice and Jerry Books
Duke the Blue Mule Long vowel U
Fall and Winter in North Carolina Forests (Rod and Staff)
Gails Paint Pail long vowels
God’s World and Johnny – Dorthy Westlake Andrews  (Rod and Staff)
Make a wish – Silver Burdett and Ginn
Mooore McGuffey Readers – 2nd
More Days Go By- Grade 1 reader  – Pathway
Morning Bells- Silver Burdett and Ginn
My Truck and my Pup short vowel U
Skylights The keytext program
Strong and True  –  Christian Reading Series Book D
Treasure – Invitations to Literacy
We Obey God – A Childrens Reader
Big Books
101 Dalmations
I Can’t Said the Ant
Jungle Book
Little Mermaid
Peter Pan
Skittles Math Rhymes to Read Together
Snow White
Wheels Math Rhymes to Read Together