About Us

Purpose Statement

First Baptist Church of Opelika has established First Baptist Opelika Christian School under the authority and guidance of the church leadership. First Baptist Opelika Christian School desires in everything it does to lift up Jesus and to love people while pointing to God and His wisdom as parents choose how and where to educate their children. The purpose of this ministry is to provide those parents who choose to home school their children legal covering, support, and encouragement in the spiritual development and sound academic education of their children with respect to established state guidelines. The education of each individual child shall be the responsibility of the participating member parents, who are answerable to God as their ultimate authority.

Basic Requirements

Each church school in Alabama has its own policies and requirements. The following lists the basic requirements that define First Baptist Opelika Christian School. For a more comprehensive look at the policies and requirements of FBOCS, please refer to the Family and Student Handbook.   We require:

  • $150 annual tuition per member family plus a $35 registration fee due the first year only
  • $50 annual tuition per associate member family plus a $35 registration fee due the first year only
  • annual additional high school fee of $50 for one high school student or $75 for two or more high school students
  • membership with Home School Legal Defense Association
  • attendance of both parents at the orientation meeting in August
  • attendance of the teaching parent at the mid-year progress meeting in January
  • submission of a course of study for each student
  • submission of bimonthly progress reports for each student
  • submission of an annual attendance record for each student
  • submission of a report card for each student in grades K-8
  • submission of a supporting documentation form for each high school student
  • maintenance of a daily lesson plan book for each student
  • completion of a minimum of 160 days of instruction during the academic school year
  • submission of standardized test scores for students in grades 4 and 8

Services Offered

First Baptist Opelika Christian School provides a legal covering [in accordance with Alabama Code §16-28-1(2)] for home educators who are residents of Alabama and live within a 60-mile radius of First Baptist Church Opelika. Families who have no students of mandatory attendance age can enroll as associate members who enjoy the privileges of group activities without having to submit academic records. Group activities include field trips and social events throughout the year as we have volunteers to host them. FBOCS members are able to utilize the FBOCS Resource Room where they have access to books, curriculum, and other educational materials. Official high school transcripts are maintained for each student in grades 9 – 12 and are sent to other academic institutions upon request. Graduates of FBOCS are granted a high school diploma and may participate in a graduation ceremony at First Baptist Church.